How Do Optaderm Products Work?

The ingredients in our products are chosen for their integrity, sensitivity, and stability. OptaDerm products work with your skin’s pH and barrier functions. When these are not respected discomfort and problems arise. We work typically on the acid-side of the pH scale as this is where the skin wants to be. If you are using products too skewed to the alkaline end of the pH scale you will experience dryness and irritation.

Polypeptides are used as active ingredients in many of our products. These Amino Acid chains make our body respond to desired effects. Our own biological processes are monitored by active peptides already found in our bodies. When we apply peptides to the skin, our bodies recognize the signals and respond in ways to improve the quality of our skin. Once found only in plant extracts, peptides are now produced and refined from fermented carnauba palm juice. The refining process eliminates allergens.

Vitamin phosphates are also used in our products as they are more stable than the raw vitamin compounds themselves. Vitamin phosphates are created by adding esters to the vitamin molecule which then slows down the process of oxidization. This causes less irritation to the skin and creates greater opportunity to work with your skin.

Serums and Concentrates

Our signature peptide-based formulations for skin improving effects

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Problem Solvers

OptaDerm’s solutions for problem skin

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Cleanse and Rinse

Your first step to healthier skin.

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Clear away dead skin cells and make way for smoother, more radiant skin

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Protect your skin every day from the environment and the damaging rays of the sun

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Moisturizer for all skin types
Maintain balance, restore moisture to dry skin, protect sensitive skin, and improve skin tone and texture

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Eye Moisturizer

Formulated for the delicate eye area
pH balanced for tears

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Lips need moisture, protection, and plumping.

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20-minutes to your better skin!

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Tinted Moisturizers

Moisturizing tints for a light foundation with added benefits.

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Sample Kits

Try and Test Before You Commit

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Make-Up and Accessories

Complete your routine with our color collection for lips, cheeks, and eyes

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Body Care

For great skin all over your body

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Hair Care

Healthy, manageable hair solutions from OptaDerm

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Men's Care

Specially formulated for men’s unique skincare needs
Easy, with multiple benefits

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OptaDerm’s unique scent, updated

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Holiday Gift Ideas

A perfect gift to give during the holidays

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