Cleanse and Rinse

Clean skin; the first steps to healthier skin. Skin must always be clean but not over-stripped of its functional barriers. Proper cleansing will keep blackheads and pore congestion to a minimum. Your skin should always feel refreshed after cleansing, not dry, tight, or greasy. Massage well with your cleanser and complete with a thorough rinsing of warm water – this will keep pore congestion to a minimum. A tonic rinse can complete the cleansing process and is especially helpful when your local water supply is too hard, too soft, or has other impurities outside normal ranges.

Legacy and Specialized Cleansing Products from our Clinical Recommendation Line

OptaDerm Skincare Clinic’s signature European Facial Treatments allow our aestheticians to observe each clients’ unique skincare needs and make very specific recommendations based on multiple factors such as age, skin type, environmental changes, travel needs, formal dermatologist recommendations, allergies, and other factors. The following Cleansing or Rinse products may also be of benefit to you:


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