The Luminous Lift Facial combines our aesthetics services with an additional Thermal Contraction (Skin Tightening and Brightening) treatment by Radio-Frequency (RF) technology. RF is a non-ablative aesthetics service that is used to provide skin contraction within the dermis of the skin.

The Facial begins with a cleansing and light exfoliation, then followed by a Thermal Contraction treatment around the cheeks and eyes. We add a relaxing massage and a skin-brightening Vitamin C masque to finish this luminous and lifting experience. This service CANNOT be offered to clients under 30 years of age due to the type of technology and how it affects the matrix of lipids and collagen in the skin.

This is an opportunity to sample our RF technology. Optaderm uses Inmode’s Forma technology which is an auto-adjusting, non-invasive, thermal treatment for deep uniform tissue stimulation. The RF power flows uniformly between the electrodes for a comfortable experience.

You will be able to go immediately ‘out-on-the-town’ or to your next social engagement without any lingering redness. Light make-up can also be applied immediately as desired.


For any questions regarding our treatments or for concerns about your skin care needs – please don’t hesitate to email our clinic at or call us during regular business hours.

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