Laser Treatments

OptaDerm’s founder and lead chemist; Dean-Richard Johansson, believes strongly in the science and evidence-based world for evaluating skin improvement solutions. There is no single miracle, no magic substance or treatment – just a steady dedication to a well-rounded approach. Start with the obvious – you need to drink more water and wear sun protection. After that pay more attention to diet and sleep. In terms of overall skin care, we recommend you find a combination of products and treatments that will work best for your skin. We will all age, but the quality and texture of our skin can be maintained and improved throughout our lifespans. In addition to our great products, our system of European Facials, Radio Frequency Treatments, and various aesthetic Laser Treatments are designed to improve the skin’s overall appearance.

Before embarking on any series of Aesthetic Laser or Radio Frequency treatments, we always recommend starting with a classic European Facial to allow us to better “get to know your skin”.

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