Optaderm Skin Clinic, based in Vancouver, believes in incorporating laser, light, and radiofrequency treatments to address your skin problems and concerns. After an initial series of laser skincare treatments, we also use these technologies to design an ongoing maintenance program to make the benefits of great skin last a lifetime.

In our practice, we utilize the following technologies:

    • Fractional 1540 Wavelength Laser by Cynosure;
    • Q-Switched YAG Laser in 532 and 1064 Wavelengths by Revlite SI, a division of Cynosure;
    • IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Therapy by the ICON Aesthetics System, another division of Cynosure; and
    • Thermal Contraction with Radio Frequency by Froma Technology, a division of InMode.

You may not have heard of these terms or know what they mean for your skin; this is where our expert team of clinicians can help. We know that no single piece of technology will address every person’s needs. Your skin type and pigment levels determine the best course of action and technology to use to get the best results.

Having a clear idea of which issues you want to address is the ideal first step to consulting with us for your recommended course of action. Used individually or in combination with one another, these treatments can:

    • Improve collagen production for better texture and tone;
    • Minimize pore structure;
    • Reduce the appearance of veins;
    • Reduce pigment imperfections;
    • Balance blemish-prone skin;
    • Reduce scarring from acne or past trauma; and
    • Manage hair reduction.

If you require more information or you would like to book a consultation, we offer a 30-minute session for $50.00, redeemable towards your first treatment. Contact us here or call us at (604) 737-2026.


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