Dean-Richard Johansson Founder, Director of Laser Services, and Lead Research Chemist

Dean-Richard founded OptaDerm in 1987 with a promise to provide better skin care through a disciplined evidence-based approach. Formally educated as a Chemist, Richard first started making products to treat his own skin issues and then, through his travels, became impressed by the European approach to skincare aesthetics through regular facial treatments. Richard now serves exclusively as our mentor and leader –  designing our programs and products.  As the Director of Laser Treatments he is involved in designing every treatment plan, while his highly experienced staff of aestheticians and laser-technicians provide the hands-own OptaDerm signature European Facial and Laser services. Richard is fascinated by advances in the science of skin, especially what peptides and laser can do to keep our skin looking young and refreshed. He continues to research, develop, and manufacture nearly all of OptaDerm’s product in his Laboratory in East Vancouver.


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