How to Use

Step 1: Try the 2 cleansers and see which one you prefer. The correct cleanser should leave you clean and feeling hydrated. Not overly dry or greasy.
Double Acton Cleansing Lotion 30ml
Cushion Hydrating Cleansing Lotion 30ml

Step 2: After cleansing, try the skin rinses to sooth and exfoliate. Apply with a cotton pad for optimal results. You can use both rinses if you like. The Hydration Rinse for all-over hydrating and the Brighten Rinse for exfoliation. See which combination you prefer.
Hydration Moisturizing Skin Rinse 30ml
Brighten Exfoliating Skin Rinse 30ml

Step 3: Now try the moisturizing creams and serum. Apply lightly over face and neck, day and night. You can use either cream and serum alone or apply the serum first and the creams over the top if desired. See how these work for you and which combination you prefer. Always use Phenomena sparingly.
Integrity Facial Cream 9g
Absolute Hyaluronic Facial Gel Serum 9ml
Phenomena Facial Cream 5g


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