A personal note from Dean-Richard on moving to leadership

Two ‘truths’ have been resonating with me lately:⁠

  • Change is inevitable, and,⁠
  • There aren’t enough hours in the day.⁠
Recognizing these two truths has led me to re-focus my energies on my management obligations at Optaderm and to turn over all hands-on services to our staff experts. As of April 1, 2021, I will no longer be available for facial or laser appointments. I will, of course, personally introduce you to a member of my carefully-trained and trusted staff who will provide those services for you. Call to set up an appointment with me ‘in-the-room’ so your transition can be seamless, smooth and stress-free. I continue to review and monitor all client programs with my staff.⁠
I am excited about this transition. In the four decades I’ve been devoted to the skincare and aesthetics industry, Optaderm has grown from a small entrepreneurial venture to a large enterprise with both a laboratory and clinic, and we are still growing. In trying to guide all of our initiatives, I’ve realized it’s not possible to do it all, and to do it all to my exacting standards. By focusing my attention exclusively on leadership, Optaderm will be able to bring you the best and latest in skincare services and products.⁠
I remain the Director of Laser Services. With input from my Team, I design all aspects of our treatment programs to give you the very best results possible.⁠
Please call 604-737-2026 to book your transition appointment. I’m confident you’ll be well-served by this new arrangement. If you have questions, you can email optadermclinic@optaderm.com ⁠
Yours truly,⁠
Dean-Richard Johannsson⁠


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