A Little Love Letter To Our Clients… From Dean-Richard Johansson, Founder of Optaderm

Let’s go on a new skin care journey together…

I started Optaderm in 1987… That’s 37 years ago!
In the ensuing years we’re grown into a highly trusted skin care clinic and product line that’s always been focused on the quality and effectiveness of services, formulas, and ingredients.
I am very grateful for the trust you have placed in Optaderm as evidenced by the fact that I can personally know up to three or four generations in a single family as our clients. This kind of trust is hard to fathom and not taken lightly.
As many of you may recall, I personally started stepping back from providing direct laser and aesthetic services in 2021 – I’ve been focused on research and development in our lab to reimagine the product array.

Reimagining the Optaderm Brand

I have spent the last 2 or 3 years working with my team on the latest peer-reviewed research. I have made some important decisions on revising certain products, adding new ingredients,  re-sizing certain options. I am proud the relaunch Optaderm in 2024 with the collective hard work of my entire Team.  This is where I must truly turn my language from “I” to “We”. Our Team in the Clinic and the Lab are truly dedicated to the relaunch of Optaderm.

The New Look

OPTADERM Logo SmallA fresh design really represents the next phase in Optaderm’s growth.
We took a hard look at ourselves and all that we believe in… We are a catalyst in skincare that empowers you through education and experience to have the best skin at any age.

Clinic Late Cancelation and No Show Policy

We have returned to our pre-Covid policy of charging fees for Late Cancellation and No-Shows. We reserve appointment time just for you and when you cancel at the last minute or don’t show up, other clients cannot fill that time –  please call us 24 hours in advance or we retain the right to invoice you for the full amount of your missed service. We are also; quite proudly; a living-wage employer.
Yours truly,⁠
Dean-Richard Johannsson⁠


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